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Design Process

Conversation is what gives the job the right course, conceptualization demands research and analysis so the strategy can be traced, making results super inspiring!

1. Conversation

2. Concept

3. Creation

Creating a brand is serious business. It represents and presents a company, elevates its level of professionalism and will attract the right clients.
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Graphic Project
Graphic Project
Weddings, parties, events in general also have an identity. It's the representation of the people that are behind it.
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Here photography has the same weight as any project. Conversation, research and strategy are determined so the result is unique.
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The questions I get the most are answered below, take a look:

1. How much do your services cost?

It's indispensable that we discuss what is it that you need before I give a number. But a client must consider this kind of work as an investment for his business.

2. What do I receive at the end of the project?

You get all the digital files that you will need for production or implementation of your project.

3. What is your work process like?

Usually my method goes like that:

1. Contact with the client;
2. Basic knowledge of the project;
3. An estimate is sent to the client;
4. Full knowledge of the project;
5. Contract signing and first payment;
6. Research;
7. Analysis and conceptualization;
8. Creation;
9. Project presentation;
10. Aproval ou revisions;
11. Final payment;
12. Delivery of the files.

4. Do you print the work?

No. I can suggest materials and finishings for the pieces and deliver the final files, but I don't print them or deal with print shops.

5. Do you photograph weddings?

I make photoshoots for pre or post wedding, I don't photograph the day of the event.

6. Do you photograph events?

No, I do only private photoshoots.

7. Can you skip process stages to simplify a project and finish sooner?

No. My job is exactly that, to create a solution through research, analysis, cnceptualization and all the other steps of the process. A simpler work is the job of other professionals that I can indicate you to.

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