Ana & Gustavo

The wedding is the event that represents a couple, and so, must express their identity. In this project, it was delicacy and authenticity that rules the visual guidelines.

1. Observation

2. Creation

3. Result

  • Inspiration
  • Concept

1. Case Study

A wedding's identity can lead to spectacular and emotional results. So talking with the couple and understanding their personality is fundamental. Revealing their history, day-to-day life and dreams, the couple creates an original aura, fresh and still very delicate.

2. Creation

Creating the identity, lace was the star of the show. Without falling into an overwhelming romantic scene, nude tones were combined with cotton paper texture to create a more rustic aesthetics. The formal typography mixed with the modern resulted in a cool and super authentic composition.

3. Result

The final result expresses the couple's essence in every detail: the invitation, the menu, party favours, and decoration. Everything so the guests can feel that it couldn't be different, and they could have the chance to share this experience in an intimate level with the beloved couple.
  • Party Favour
  • Tea Tags
Project Details

Serviço: Branding

Local: Brazil

Data March, 2016

This is a branding service, or visual identity. The research and annalysis completed for this project helped define the personality of the event, making it an unique experience for the couple and their guests.

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