Tatiane Tavares

The main distinct feature of the office is its multifunctional ability in projects, since it offers, besides the architecture, also managment of construction services.

1. Positioning

2. Creation

3. Result

  • Original Version
  • Light Version
  • Construction

1. Case Study

Tatiane's office already has its main audience stablished: couples bulding or renovating their homes, and real estate investors. For the these, multitasking is fundamental, since they feel safer with a professional able to deal with the many aspects of a construction work.

2. Creation

An impossible object was chosen as type of form for the symbol. Involving a duble T from the architect's name, its many directions in one form expresses in an original way the multitask feature, also suggesting a building figure.

3. Result

The final result ia a solid, sophisticated and enthusiastic brand. The form and typography position it as a modern and rational brand, and still transparent enough to express accessibility and attention in an interactive visual composition.
  • Patterns
  • Logo
Project Details

Serviço: Branding

Local: Brazil

Data February, 2016

This project is a branding service. The research and analysis developed for this project helped define the new positioning of the company, and so, to trace the comunication strategy, hoping for the best engagement possible with its audience.
In the creation the brand's personality is also established, that can include music, smells, tone and voice, treatment, everything that composes the client's experience with the company.

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