Tag Architecture

Tag is a new architecture office that has as goal to offer a custom treatement to its client, following their lifestyle and personality.

1. Positioning

2. Creation

3. Result

  • Original Version
  • Reverse Version
  • Animation

1. Case Study

Brand new, Tag's office needed a strategic plan that would position it well between its competitors. Most of tem have as their brand logos with their names and no symbol. This characteristic marked the starting point.

2. Creation

The main inspiration was the Phi symbol, that represents the golden ratio, ans also the life philosophy that involves the architecture work in personalize people's life in their ambience.

3. Result

The result is a delicate and sophisticates brand for its shape, and serious and professional for its structure and sober colors. The detail in each elements values the company's ability to see all the details in its own projects.
  • Business Card
  • Construction
  • Symbol
  • Template
Project Details

Serviço: Branding

Local: Brazil

Data November, 2015

This project is a branding service. The research and analysis developed for this project helped define the new positioning of the company, and so, to trace the comunication strategy, hoping for the best engagement possible with its audience.
In the creation the brand's personality is also established, that can include music, smells, tone and voice, treatment, everything that composes the client's experience with the company.

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