Sensitare is a store specialized in mattresses that are made with quality materials, with present technology and contemporary design.

1. Positioning

2. Creation

3. Result

  • Original Version
  • Second Version
  • Grey Version
  • Construction
  • Construction

1. Case Study

As a new store, the strategy for Sensitare was to put it as a specialist in mattresses. With the concern to be sustainable, the brand's personality is sensible, responsible and attentive to their client's confort and health.

2. Creation

The great inspiration for the symbol was the hydrangea, flower that represents freshness, tranquility, confort and sophistication. Its petals were drawn in a way that each one forms a letter "s", and the round shapes bring the characteristics to transmit quality of life.

3. Result

The end result presents a classic and timeless brand. It identifies itself with its audience that values the little pleasures of everyday life, and transmits responsability and attention with the environment and the conscious consumption. It's clear the the company's expertise with its product.
  • Business Card
  • Patterns
  • Embroidery
  • Bedding
  • Pantone 425
  • Pantone 276
  • Pantone 7527
  • Certificate
  • Letterhead
  • Animation
Project Details

Service: Naming, Branding

Local: Joinville, SC

Date: September, 2016

This project is a branding service. The research and analysis developed for this project helped define the new positioning of the company, and so, to trace the comunication strategy, hoping for the best engagement possible with its audience.
In the creation the brand's personality is also established, that can include music, smells, tone and voice, treatment, everything that composes the client's experience with the company.

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