Mallon & Córdova

Mallon & Córdova is a law office of associate lawyers that have as goal to offer an extra attentive, personalized and innovative treatment.

1. Positioning

2. Creation

3. Result

  • Original Version
  • Alternative Version
  • Vertical Vertical
  • Construction
  • Construction
  • Construction

1. Case Study

Combining experience, empathy, seriousness and personalization, the great inspiration for the symbol was the shape of the hand. In our fingers we have our ultimate personalization: finger prints. With the hand we take an oath, close a deal, touch and show empathy.

2. Creation

The typical lines most people have in their palms form the letter "M", represented in the center of the symbol. The line that connects the thumb to the pinky form the letter "C". Together, the letters make a monogram for Mallon e Córdova, in a subjective and not obvious way.

3. Result

The result shows a well constructed, quality brand, but not too sophisticated, which helps the perception of efficiency, accessibility and receptivity. All visual characteristics, like trace, colors and composition, point to strength, trust, logic and pacience.
  • Business Card
  • Letterhead
  • Application
  • Envelope
  • Folder
  • Animation
  • Folder
Project Details

Service: Branding

Local: Brazil

Date: January, 2017

This project is a branding service. The research and analysis developed for this project helped define the new positioning of the company, and so, to trace the comunication strategy, hoping for the best engagement possible with its audience.
In the creation the brand's personality is also established, that can include music, smells, tone and voice, treatment, everything that composes the client's experience with the company.

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