The baptism is the first event in the life of a baby, important for parents and godparents, and in which all family and friends take part. In this project, the chosen theme was Renaissance painting, that treats representation of angels with grace and elegance.

1. Theme

2. Creation

3. Result

1. Case Study

The baptism invitations had the ambition to make everyone remember Helena's face and have them keep it as a mini art work.

2. Creation

The illustration was created with traces that reproduced brush and paint texture, like a real painting. The sky, usually blue in the Renaissance paintings, was altered to pink, as a delicate and infant version.

3. Result

The final result expresses tha classic baptism theme with the reproduction of the angel, with a sophisticated composition, but still childlike. The paper texture mimics the one of a canvas, making the interaction with the invitation to be superior.
Project Details

Serviço: Graphic Project/ Branding

Local: Brazil

Data Abril, 2016

This project is a branding service. The research and analysis developed for this project helped define the personality of the event, making it a unique experience to parents and guests.

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