Celestina is a boutique with a young and fun personality. Celestina is a boutique with a young and charismatic personality. It shines through its approachable and engaging qualities, curated pieces and care for detail.

1. Repositioning

2. Creation

3. Result

  • Original Version
  • Pink Version
  • Nude Version

1. Case Study

This redesign demanded an adequacy to the new positioning. The new design should stop transmitting such bucolic romance, and start communicating in a more charismatic, sophisticated, but still sweet way.

2. Creation

Creating the new brand, the cat was used as a symbol of elegance, the diamond shape as a representation of sophistication and timelessness, and the heart as an expression of sweetness and charisma.

3. Result

In a nutshell, these elements formed a strong brand with a casual and playful essence, referencing every company value.
  • Construction
  • Essence
Project Details

Serviço: Branding

Local: Brazil

Data February, 2015

This project is a branding service. The research and analysis developed for this project helped define the new positioning of the company, and so, to trace the comunication strategy, hoping for the best engagement possible with its audience.
In the creation the brand's personality is also established, that can include music, smells, tone and voice, treatment, everything that composes the client's experience with the company.

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