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Design is where science and art break even.

Robin Mathew
Toski is a design studio in Brazil that offers services of branding, visual identity, photography and different kinds of graphic projects, such as wedding, party or event stationery.
Project foundation here is important and indispensable. Market, audience and reference research are rules that lead to results of excellence.


It's the design of a brand and all the items that carry its attributes, such as corporate stationery, packaging, marketing pieces, etc.
Everything that involves an experience of the client with the business besides its visual material: tone and voice, treatment, music, smells, and a lot more.
Projects of identity for weddings, parties and events. Also photo albums, corporate gifts, commemorative items, organizing pieces, etc.
Individuals, couples, group, professional portraits... all with a fantasy approach.

What People Say

The brand design was created with professionalism and dedication, resulting in a great service and the exact brand I wanted!

Dra. Larissa Mori, Veterinarian

What People Say

Extremely professional, I admire the way the job was driven, that becomes much more interesting and pleasurable.

Ana Paula Sadowski Stockchneider, Lawyer

What People Say

When we reached the final result, it was amazing! My expectations were absolutely overcome and the brand represents everything I hoped for my business! Excelent job and professional.

Amanda Knop, Architect

What People Say

The job was accomplished with excellence, care and dedication. As my expectations, my brand shows personality and professionalism.

Daniela Santos, Designer


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